GO Logic

Belfast, ME United States

Building sustainable means creating buildings that last generations. We are committed to universal design—accommodating individuals of all ages and abilities. Our design approach produces environments that not only seamlessly accommodate persons with special needs, but also provides a wide range of spatial conditions that engage with different body types and understandings of space. Crafting a rich, textured, and varied spatial experience creates a comfortable environment particularly suited to educational settings. As a design–build team, we have the opportunity to improve the technical aspects of our work through iterative feedback from our construction activities. From the beginning of each project, our design and construction teams work together, allowing for high-level technical coordination between the construction site and the design office. Each design improves on the next. Each project is optimized through rigorous financial and energy models to ensure building performance and cost-effectiveness. As a result of our design/build project delivery structure, we have improved efficiency and replicability in construction, improved energy performance, and reduced design and construction costs. It’s a continual and complete feedback loop: we listen to our client, we listen to our process, we innovate.

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