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Introducing Zilio A&C

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An Italian company that has been producing timeless furniture and home accessories for over 60 years.

Established in 1951 in the historic Italian Chair District, Manzano-based company Zilio A&C has been making chairs, furniture, and home accessories for more than 60 years. Using a blend of traditional manufacturing, local craftsmanship, modern technology, and international design, the company produces timeless and versatile furniture and items that look at home anywhere. The brand’s designs are perfect for residential spaces and offices as well as leisure and hospitality environments. Every Zilio A&C product merges Italian design with a Japanese and Scandinavian-inspired aesthetic. Additionally, the company uses sustainable and durable materials to craft every item. Over the years, Zilio A&C has collaborated with a wide range of Italian and international designers to create its permanent collection. Some of the company’s best furniture and home accessories have been designed by Studio Mentsen, Tomoko Azumi, Simon Kämpfer, and David Dolcini.

Practical and beautifully designed home accessories.

Frequent Zilio A&C collaborators, Studio Mentsen created a range of furniture designs for the brand’s collection, but Leek has caught our attention. Elegant and minimalist, this coat hanger features three identical elements connected with three curved bands. Crafted from ash wood, Leek boasts steam-curved and machined parts that combine in a perfectly balanced and sturdy sculpture. Zilio A&C uses FSC-certified wood for this product, offering the design in natural or colored ash versions.

Another frequent collaborator, designer Tomoko Azumi has created a waste paper basket and a bike rack. Dove references traditional Japanese washi art with a sheet of natural ash plywood that wraps around an aluminum base. The refined design transforms the waste paper basket into a decorative object in a room. With René, the designer has created a multifunctional bike rack that accommodates a bike, helmet and jacket. Made with a steam-bent wood frame, this bike rack also features a removable metal hook and a fabric sling. Zilio A&C offers this design with a natural ash finish and with fabrics in Blue, Yellow, Orange, and Green colors. The user can easily mount the bike rack on a wall to save floor space.

Multifunctional designs that suit small or larger spaces.

Created by Simon Kämpfer, June and Frank are both minimalist and cleverly simple. June features three modules that hold the mirror and also create a shelf space and a multi-purpose hook. Frank explores circular and rectangular forms in a minimalist design. Simple as well as robust, this wall hook is perfect for smaller spaces and in-between areas. Zilio A&C produces June and Frank in natural oak and lacquered oak.

Finally, Woodstock optimizes the wall-mounted coat rack with a simple, curved geometry. Turned and finished by hand by local artisans, these coat racks are beautifully crafted. Designer David Dolcini created Woodstock to allow the user to install the coat rack either on its own or in a composition of multiple hangers. Available in natural beech and bright colors, this design offers an easy solution to create a fun, multi-colored coat hanging system. The brand’s home accessories collection also comprises wooden trays, multifunctional and modular shelving and storage units, wall-mounted or freestanding coat hangers, and many more. Images courtesy of Zilio A&C.

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