Jamie Kripke

Boulder, CO United States

Jamie Kripke is a Boulder-based photographer and co-founder of One Clock. The son of an artist and a businessman, he has been making pictures from the age of 15 when his mother gave him her used SLR camera. Years later, he moved from Toledo, Ohio to Colorado to complete a BA in Philosophy, and then to San Francisco, where he studied at the California College of the Arts and at the San Francisco Art Institute. From 2003, he started working as a professional photographer. Editorial and advertising clients include Esquire, The New Yorker, The New York Times, Dwell, Men’s Vogue, Time, Electronic Arts, Herman Miller, Sony, and more. Inspired by sustainable, slow living principles, Jamie Kripke has also co-founded One Clock, an independent brand that offers an analog alternative to classic alarm clocks and app-filled smartphones. He lives in Boulder, Colorado with his family.

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