An eco-friendly version of an iconic design.

Originally designed in 1939 by Holger Nielsen, the Vipp Pedal Bin made waves with its innovative pedal-operated system. More recently, the Danish company introduced a series of lounge and office chairs, along with timeless lighting, kitchen designs, and a minimalist woodland retreat. Now, Vipp has launched a new version of the popular pedal bin that preserves the original design but enhances it with a sustainable, eco-friendly build. Named Rubbish, the limited-edition bin features 75% recycled materials that come from the company’s own furniture manufacturing factories.

vipp trash can made of recycled materials

To produce the bin, Vipp uses waste materials that include sawdust and plastic leftovers. Blended into a paste, they are then molded and glued together to create the bin’s body. A protective coating protects the surface of the bin while letting the concrete-like textures shine. On top, there’s a stainless steel lid which the user can operate by stepping on the pedal. Like the original bin, this one features two handles for easy mobility. A damper mechanism and a rubber ring ensure that the Rubbish bin keeps odors inside, while another rubber ring on the bottom protects flooring surfaces. Finally, Vipp sends this limited-edition bin in recycled and easily recyclable, FSC-certified packaging. Photographs © Vipp.

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