Lund, Sweden

Johan Sundberg

Swedish architect Johan Sundberg founded his eponymous studio in 2006. The same year, his Villa Bergman Werntoft, originally a thesis project, received a nomination for the Arkitektur 2007 Debut Prize. Based in Lund, the architecture firm completes a wide variety of projects throughout Sweden, from private residences and housing projects to interiors for commercial spaces. The houses and interiors completed by Johan Sundberg Architecture incorporate the clients’ needs and aspirations, respect for the site, local building traditions where possible, timeless design, and sensory experiences. Every project follows the concept of open-ended architecture in order to allow for future changes. The architect also favors collage-like floor plans that complement minimalist interiors which focus on the essential. Apart from this work for the studio, Johan Sundberg also teaches at Lund University in the Architecture Department of the Faculty of Engineering.

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