Melissa White

London, United Kingdom

Melissa White is a Canadian-British architect and creative visionary redefining residential architecture in North London. Trained under the renowned Brian MacKay-Lyons and having contributed to award-winning studios across Montreal, Halifax, and London, Melissa embodies a global perspective fused with local sensibilities. In 2016, she founded Melissa White Architects to bring her collaborative and bespoke approach to life. Melissa is a spatial storyteller who believes that each home should narrate the unique tale of its inhabitants. Her designs not only address functional needs but also embody emotional textures and aesthetic narratives. Outside of her practice, she serves as a lecturer at The Interior Design School, sharing her mastery in planning and spatial arrangement. What sets her apart is her ability to form a symbiotic relationship with clients, making her not just an architect, but also a partner in carving out personalized, enduring spaces. Through her work and teachings, Melissa White continues to influence and redefine the boundaries of contemporary residential architecture.

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