A tabletop tally counter designed to keep track of the things that matter.

San Francisco-based brand Nanu aims to make thoughtful objects that not only explore the concept of sustainable design, but also enrich the lives of their users in creative ways. Their first product exemplifies this mission perfectly. At the beginning of 2022, Nanu launched the Nudge Counter with a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign. In less than 8 hours, backers fully funded the project, which ultimately raised almost four times the initial goal. Developed as a tool that encourages personal reflection, this product provides an easy way to count things that matter. The tabletop tally counter can track anything from routines to good habits and anything that matters to the user. The action of pushing the button brings specific activities and things into focus, taking the brain off autopilot and allowing users to consciously count something meaningful in their lives and appreciate their progress.

Inspired by tally counters used in public spaces, in event venues for example, the Nudge Counter has a practical design that keeps elegance and function in balance. Made with a heavyweight brass alloy casing, the tally counter feels substantial in the hand. A button with a smooth operation makes counting incredibly satisfying. Additionally, a straight knurled knob allows the user to reset the counter with ease. Inside the golden brass case there’s a low-friction chassis that allows the parts to move smoothly. A domed mineral glass lens similar to that of watches provides a clear view of the counter value. To ensure the durability of each Nudge Counter, the company finishes each brass part with a scratch and tarnish-resistant coating that also prevents fingerprint smudges. Made in small batches, the tally counter is crafted to last a lifetime. Discover the Nanu Nudge Counter in the Gessato Design Store.

Nanu Nudge Counter

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