Nick Ballon

London, United Kingdom

“Nick is an observer par excellence. With an underlying, yet gently satirical sense of humour, his documentary photography is as carefully considered as he is as a person. His portraits are wonderfully to the point, allowing his subjects to flourish in his frame, whilst his landscapes convey a poetic and timeless sense of space. He never strays far from his very own visual language, making it a recurring joy to discover what he next has in store for us.” -  Petek Sketcher, Art Buyer. Nick Ballon is a documentary and portrait photographer based in the UK, whose Anglo-Bolivian heritage is an important source of subject matter and inspiration in his work, exploring socio-historical ideas of identity and place, the concept of ‘foreignness’ and belonging. He graduated with a BA (hons) from Berkshire School of art and design in 2001, and since then has worked editorially for a number of respected international publications, including the Sunday Times Magazine, The Guardian Magazine, the Financial Times, the New York Times, El Pais and Der Spiegel. 

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