Sieger Design

Sassenberg , Germany

The agency Sieger Design, acting for both national and international companies, is committed to developing truly distinctive ideas and products with unique selling points that are bound to be successful. The managing directors and their team do not just see high-quality design as the pinnacle of aesthetics but also as an overarching concept that takes into account economic, ecological, social and cultural dimensions. The synthesis of intelligent functionality, high-quality materials and timeless, even archetypal design, are the principles that guide the agency. The brothers Christian and Michael Sieger are now the second generation to successfully lead the agency, which comprises a team of about 40 staff covering all interdisciplinary aspects of the design process. In line with this overarching concept, marketing and PR, design, communication design, architecture and design management are all to be found under one roof. Harkotten Castle, where sieger design has been headquartered since 1988, is both cultural stronghold and creative workshop. The historical setting, complete with its modern sculpture park, is itself an embodiment of our aesthetic values. And this, in turn, can be seen in the company’s timeless and often classic designs.

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