Valerie Pasquiou

New York, NY United States

Born in France, Valerie Pasquiou moved to LA to pursue a career as a set designer, which led to interior design work for clients that included musicians and actors. Realizing that her calling was interior architecture and design, Pasquiou moved to New York City. Sophisticated yet cleanly designed, inspired by European architecture as well as a modern aesthetic, the homes and commercial spaces designed by Valerie Pasquiou always tell a story. Elegant volumes, juxtapositions between materials, and carefully chosen designs give living spaces a certain character and help to create a memorable experience in restaurants or offices. While sleek and refined, the designer’s interiors exude warmth and comfort. At the same time, they allow glimpses of the clients’ personality to shine through. Home and Garden has named Pasquiou one of “The 100 Best Designers in the U.S.”, and her work has also been exhibited in prestigious online and print magazines, including in Elle Decor, Metropolitan Home, Interior Design, and The New York Times.

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Interior Design

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