Yvonne Mouser

San Francisco, California United States

San Francisco-based artist, designer, and artisan Yvonne Mouser engages in creative work that ranges from product and furniture design to event space design and fine art. Her product and furniture designs blend function and minimalism with playfulness and quirky details. Wheels transform dining tables into extra-practical pieces of furniture while odd shapes make brooms easier to use or to store. Poetic and organic, Yvonne Mouser’s sculptures and artworks capture moments of transformation and fleeting instances. The designer creates small run series and one of a kind items in her own studio. She has also co-founded New Factory, Thought for Food, and YMSF. Included in private collections, Yvonne Mouser’s work has been also been exhibited locally and internationally. Notable institutions that have featured her work include San Francisco Museum of Craft and Design, the Museum of Craft and Folk Art, and the Headlands Center for the Arts, among others.

Creative Field

Furniture Design

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