Creative designs inspired by materiality, assembly techniques, and mathematical principles.

Founded by Dutch designer David Derksen, [Array] is a lighting brand that explores materiality and assembly systems along with mathematical principles to produce highly imaginative designs. Created and developed by Derksen in the company’s Rotterdam studio or in local workshops, the Array collection merges both traditional and cutting-edge, industrial techniques along with the latest LED technology. The inventive designs are practical but also double as decorative, artistic elements in a space. For example, the Sine Light Outdoor offers a fresh take on the classic string lights.

Made with colored woven textiles and wavy LED strings, the lamps create focal points anywhere, from living rooms to terraces and gardens. Sine comes with a built-in dial to allow the user to set the intensity of the light. Plus, this design also comes with optional wireless dimming which works with Bluetooth devices. Similarly to the outdoor version, the indoor-only Sine Light has an undulating form. Made with powder-coated spring steel strips, the lamp attaches to the wall or ceiling with small, almost invisible brackets. As a result, this design looks like a light sculpture. The LED strip at the back produces indirect light, with an included rotary dimmer allowing the user to either brighten an entire room or create a more intimate mood.

Optical illusions and architectural structures.

Playing with the viewer’s perception, the Lucid Light creates an optical illusion by making the light source disappear. These lamps feature a curved, perforated steel diffuser and an integrated LED light that makes the object seem entirely empty. The perforations also make the lamp transparent, meaning that objects behind it remain visible. For the Grid Light, the designer used slats of thin larch plywood to create two grid structures. Assembled without screws or glue, the pendant light features an aluminum panel with integrated LED lights. The curved grid doubles as a louver that softens the light. The screen version of the design boasts a more minimalist frame. Using laser cutting machines, the brand created larch plywood grids that come together without glue or screws. The light also features aluminum and acrylic parts. This design can be installed as a hanging light, doubling as a creative room divider.

Exploring materiality, the Brass Light features an ingenious design that puts brass in the best light. Made with folded thin brass sheets, each pendant light features multiple, highly polished facets that each have a different hue. Shades range from dark gold to brighter yellow and light beige. As a result, this design changes subtly, depending on the viewing angle. The [Array] lighting collection is currently available to purchase from the brand’s official store. Prices for these sculptural, gorgeously crafted objects range from around $500 to around $1,700. Images courtesy of [Array].

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