Zecc Architecten

Utrecht, Netherlands

The strength of a tree equals the depth of its roots. Our architecture is the same. Zecc works from three ground principles: what we build is functional, sustainable and engages all senses at the same time. Uniting these three principles often seems an impossible assignment. However, this is the core of Zecc's strength. We call it Grounded Architecture. Architecture with a strong foundation. With deep roots. Since these bring forth the most wonderful ideas. Zecc serves a range of professional clients: Corporations, small business owners, developers, organizations for social housing and the government. Since Zecc is also working for private clients, a personal approach of the project is characteristic for our firm. We listen to you and translate your questions in a grounded vision on the task. Within this core principle we distinct three important topics: program, construction technique and aesthetics. We aim to create an integral design through a dialogue with you or a construction team, while honoring the boundary conditions of the assignment.

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