Andrea Martiradonna

Milano, Italy

Andrea Martiradonna is a photographer of Architecture based in Milano, Italy. He captures the beauty and depth of each of the architectural works that he covers in his many projects. His photographs further enhance the beauty of the architectural structures, showing how the aesthetics of the building as well as its essence transcends to photos. Here are some of the architectural masterpieces that he photographed: Parodi-Alcea; Muscioni-WBSC; Tagliabue-NVL2; Jil Sander-Pawson; Lai Sushi Club; Statale; Noroo; Pawson-Valextra; Casari-Verdellino; PIVA-Pantheon; Cino-Zucchi Lavazza Centrale; Cino-Zucchi Lavazza; One Works; Hermes; Koster Pomero; Piuarch Mecenate 89; Flexform; Diesel; Nichetto Gorham Salviati; ENI Green Data Center; Gucci Piuarch; and many others.

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