ASKA Architects

Stockholm, Sweden

Madeleine Klingspor and Polina Sandström are the faces behind ASKA. Two female architects educated at both KTH Stockholm and Parsons New York. With previous professional experience of working in architecture practices in Stockholm. ASKA is an architecture practice founded and based in Stockholm, Sweden. Time will pass. Styles, design expressions and epochs will die. But the essential architectural qualities, the residue - aska, will always remain. A material to extract in order to model, form and shape into something new. A constant dialog that stretches between the raw, eternal architectural elements and the edge of our modern society. ASKA looks beyond the mainstream, pale design expressions of today – or as Swedes would say - the mellanmjölk architecture. Instead we focus on an architectural language that has a genuine impact on the user by creating a strong physical and phenomenological experience.

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