Bonetti/Kozerski Architecture

New York, NY United States

Bonetti/Kozerski Architecture was founded in New York City in 2000.

Working with clients including taste-makers like hoteliers Ian Schrager and André Balazs, fashion designer Donna Karan, and music producer Rick Rubin, the pair strives to create spaces that combine its aesthetics of understated luxury and warm minimalism. The seeming effortlessness that characterizes their projects is in fact the result of a rigorous design process: Enrico and Dominic, who have worked as a team for years, rely on one another to keep every design edited down to its most essential elements, its guiding vision clear.

Bonetti/Kozerski Architecture views each project as a collaboration with the client, working with them to realize their goals while always bringing something unexpected to the design process. The firm thinks holistically, from the small scale to the large, from the subtle details of furniture and art to the overall rhythm of spaces, volumes and materials.

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