Garmendia Cordero Arquitectos

Bilbao, Spain

Established towards the end of 2015, the architecture firm of Garmendia Cordero operates out of Bilbao, Spain, under the leadership of its co-founders, Álvaro Cordero Iturregui and Carlos Garmendia Fernández. The studio is acclaimed for its commitment to authenticity, contextual harmony, and logical design. Specializing in a wide array of projects, from short-lived installations to ground-up constructions, the firm places a significant emphasis on updating and repurposing existing buildings. Fundamental to their approach are the tenets of honesty, alignment, and deference to the surroundings. They approach every new venture with the ultimate goal of elevating the existing space, tailoring their interventions to each project's unique historical and contextual nuances. They are recognized for their clarity of concept, functional aesthetics, and meticulous attention to detail, underscored by strong geometric forms, nuanced textures, and a comprehensive study of all influential factors. As a testament to their pursuit of quality, the studio implemented an ISO 9001-certified quality management system in 2021, setting a benchmark for client satisfaction.

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