Gracia Studio

Tijuana, Mexico

Gracia Studio is based on the technical aspects of building systems that lead to worth living architecture for the users. Architectural solutions that are highly efficient and esthetic, by incorporating and experimenting with the wide variety of materials and structural systems possible. Due to the need of economic building our challenge comes always from the construction process for each of our projects; we seek the realization of them with everyday items, used in unusual manners to give added value only accredited by wit. Each project is handled in a unique matter and studied thoroughly during the design process, and followed through to the building stage, to ensure that detail and neatness is kept at a simple stage. An example of our design process is based on research materials produced in the project area as well as artisans or workers who perform certain types of work, thus we support the local industry, create jobs in the same study area and lower costs of materials and labor.

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