CUAC Arquitectura

Granada, Spain

CUAC Arquitectura is a renowned architectural studio based in Granada, Spain, known for its innovative and context-sensitive design ethos. Founded in 2006 by Tomás García Píriz and F. Javier Castellano Pulido, the firm derives its name from the acronym for "Contemporary Urban Architectural Concepts." Both García Píriz and Castellano Pulido bring a rich academic and professional background to the firm. Both partners studied at the E.T.S. Architecture of Granada, followed by fruitful careers in teaching and research. They have been awarded several national grants for their research, with particular interest in predictive architecture, agricultural landscapes, and the integration of architecture and meteorology. Together, García Píriz and Castellano Pulido have blended their architectural prowess and research insight to deliver projects that beautifully coexist with their natural and cultural environments. Their work has garnered both national and international recognition, showcasing the power of design that is not only visually compelling but also grounded in sustainability and contextual relevance. Under their leadership, CUAC Arquitectura continues to push the boundaries of design, creating architectural solutions that harmonize with the surroundings and respond to contemporary urban challenges.

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