Hacin Associates

Boston, MA United States

We are architects, interior designers, and graphic designers who bring our unique individual backgrounds, skills, and creative interests to our collective work. With a respect for design and influences across disciplines, cultures, and genres, H+A aspires to create design work that unapologetically reflects its own time, place and purpose. Our motto is, “We all add something,” and that includes our clients. We know that our best work is the result of a collaborative process where every stakeholder can contribute ideas, imagination, stories, and solutions that synthesize into a unique and cohesively-designed experience. We believe that our team approach allows H+A to build special relationships with our clients and communities and create projects that improve lives and strengthen the identity of the places where we live, work, and play. H+A’s work spans a range of project types and scales, from private residences and multifamily housing to commercial interiors, workplace, retail, hospitality, preservation and reuse. We often say, “We specialize in not specializing,” because our strength has always been in remaining open to designing anything with a fresh and curious perspective that challenges prescriptive solutions. We believe that working across different project types creates unexpected connections and solutions for each design challenge, enriching the work and inspiring something new and compelling. Design is always evolving and so are we. Our interdisciplinary and multifaceted team keeps moving, experimenting, and exploring new frontiers.

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