Pihlmann Architects

Copenhagen, Denmark

Pihlmann Architects, established in 2021 by founder Søren Thirup Pihlmann, is a dynamic architecture studio that specializes in a wide range of projects, including temporary pavilions, single-family homes, cultural institutions, and preserving historical environments. Rooted in the belief that architecture is defined by the relationship between context and component, we create spaces that blend innovation with harmony. At Pihlmann Architects, we are fully engaged in every phase of our projects, seamlessly merging research and experimentation with hands-on construction. This comprehensive approach ensures that each design emerges as a unique and authentic reflection of its purpose and environment. Our projects are distinguished by a focus on materials as the driving force behind architectural expression. By investigating the inherent properties and potential of each material, we craft robust and simplistic designs that draw character and atmosphere from the function and origin of the materials themselves.

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