Preston Scott Cohen

Cambridge, MA United States

Preston Scott Cohen, Inc. is a globally recognized architecture and urban design practice, steered by founder Preston Scott Cohen and partner Carl Dworkin. The firm is celebrated for its inventive and cost-effective designs in various sectors, including cultural, religious, educational, commercial/multi-use, and residential. Notable for employing unconventional geometries, reimagining traditional forms, utilizing reflected natural light, and pioneering building integration with urban and landscape settings, the firm has garnered numerous accolades, including eight First Prizes in international architectural competitions. Cohen's practice traces its roots to research and experimental projects, as well as several groundbreaking building designs from the 1980s through the 2000s. Some of the firm's significant completed works from the 2010s include the Tel Aviv Museum of Art Amir Building, the Taiyuan Museum of Art in China, and the Goldman Sachs arcade in New York. Since joining the firm in 2011, Dworkin has collaborated with Cohen on various projects such as the Taubman College at the University of Michigan, the Sarmiento Performing Arts Center in Bogotá, the Anhui Province Science Museum, and numerous other completed and ongoing ventures.

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