Stanley Saitowitz Natoma Architects

San Francisco, CA United States

The essential medium of architecture is space, air, rather than substance, matter which contains the emptiness. Architecture is the construction of charged voids, frames of opportunity, fields of possibility. I am interested in space, more than meaning, in the architecture of movement and flux, The generative ideas of modern architecture emerge from the consideration of buildings as systems, related to machines, or natural organisms, or the phenomena of the city. I am interested in similarity and dissimilarity, in relations of relations, in theme and variation, order and accommodation. I search for the highest common denominator to establish the field of operation as a framework of unity and a panorama of resistance. I have sometimes thought of buildings like geography, where matter evolves without particular purpose, pushed by forces, describing their formations, like plate tectonics and geology. Authorship is virtually eliminated as system generates in the realm of natures mode of operation. Buildings are structured on the same principles which generate cities, based on rules and patterns, on infrastructure and frameworks, inviting habitation, participation and transformation.

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