Handcrafted speakers designed to become the focal point in a room.

Founded by Etsy co-founder Robert Kalin and NASA engineer William Cowan, A For Ara is an audio brand that aims to revive the ritual of listening to music. Based in the Catskills, New York, the studio revolutionizes the classic speaker via imaginative design and a blend of traditional and modern manufacturing techniques. The word “Ara” means “altar” in Latin, but can also mean “refuge”, giving the brand’s collection a deeper meaning. Created to become the center of a living space, the A For Ara speakers provide users with an elegant way to get lost into music. The FS-1 and FS-2 speakers take inspiration from nature for their whimsical design. More specifically, from flowers in bloom. Shaped like a large morning glory flower, these two speakers boast a circular, horn-like form. Their funnel shape also maximizes the sound.

While the FS-1 speaker boasts a slender “stem” that meets a geometric base, the FS-2 model features an intricate support that resembles a leaf. Measuring 54 inches in height, these designs are bold and eye-catching, Safe to say, they become a focal point in a room, whether they’re playing music or staying silent. The speakers boast a horn-loaded coaxial drivers and long-throw woofers of 13’’ and 12’’, respectively. The third A For Ara speaker features a more minimalist design. Named B-2, this speaker has a simple rectangular form. It comes with a horn-loaded dome tweeter, horn-loaded midrange drivers, and a 7’’ woofer.

All three speakers are carefully handcrafted in the A For Ara workshop in the Catskills. Combining artisan skills with CNC machining techniques, the brand optimizes both the sound quality and the craftsmanship of the speaker. Made from solid wood, the speakers come in Black Walnut, Cherry or Hard Maple, all with a hand-applied oil finish. The base can also match the horns with a custom lacquer paint in matte, satin, or gloss finishes. Finally, the company offers a wide range of customization options for all three speakers. Photographs © A For Ara.


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