Valentina Sommariva

Milano, Italy

Valentina Sommariva, born in Milan in 1986, is a talented freelance photographer and Director of Photography. Her credentials extend beyond the lens, with an affiliation to the association of journalists. Her academic background in Architecture was enriched by further studies in Design at Brunel University, London. Valentina further honed her photographic prowess with a master's from Fondazione Fotografia Modena and is currently immersing herself in documentary studies at Scuola Civica del Cinema Specializing in interior design, portrait, and travel, her work frequently graces the pages of various magazines. Parallel to her commercial pursuits, Valentina passionately explores artistic projects, using both photography and video to probe into themes of identity and the intricate relationship between humans and their living spaces. Perfect for Gessato's discerning audience, Valentina's work offers a fresh perspective on contemporary design and artistry.

Creative Field

Interior Photographers

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