Yasuhide Yokoi

Tokyo, Japan

Introducing Yasuhide Yokoi, affectionately known as "Yasu"! Born in Japan and raised in Australia, Yasu is an exceptionally talented industrial designer who excels in bridging the gaps between business, technology, and user insights. His keen eye for design has earned him prestigious awards such as iF, Red Dot, and GOOD DESIGN AWARD. Yasu's impressive career includes co-founding FINAL AIM, INC., a dynamic design and tech firm that collaborates with startups, labs, and well-established companies. His undeniable talent led him to be accepted into Berkeley SkyDeck, a renowned startup accelerator program. Prior to that, Yasu was an integral part of KABUKU INC., where he showcased his versatility by handling everything from product design to marketing and sales. During his time there, he collaborated with industry giants like Toyota, Honda, and Microsoft. Additionally, Yasu's experience at NIKON CORPORATION as an industrial designer and design researcher further solidified his expertise. Enthusiastic and knowledgeable, Yasu has an extensive skill set that includes developing products from conception to final execution, designing intricate products, and mastering various 3D and 2D software. He is also proficient in rapid sketching, marker rendering, 3D printing, and photography. Yasu's passion for design and innovation, combined with his diverse skills, makes him a standout talent in the world of industrial design.

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Industrial Designers

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