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A boutique hotel inspired by Oaxacan temples and the idea of serene contemplation.

Located at the southernmost point of Puerto Escondido in Oaxaca, Mexico, La Punta Zicatela is a popular destination for both surfers and travelers who love coastal settings. Now, they all have the option to enjoy their stay here in a stylish, modern and environmentally conscious hotel. Casa TO is a new boutique hotel that reimagines the concept of hospitality through a combination of sustainability and refined architectural elements that encourage relaxation and contemplation. Architect Ludwig Godefroy designed the hotel with a blend of traditional and avant-garde elements.

The name refers to the idea of serene contemplation in an enclosed space – a nod to ancient Oaxacan temples. At the same time, the design references other architectural projects; the distinctive structure pays homage to both the Basilica Cistern of Istanbul, built in the 6th century, and the Hornsey Wood Reservoir in London, built in the 19th century. Here, geometric forms create a play between open and private spaces. Tall concrete walls enclose a large courtyard that reminds of a lush oasis. Climbing plants and local vegetation grow alongside banana and passion fruit trees. A covered infinity swimming pool and a solarium are the heart of the common spaces. While the pool references the style of Le Corbusier and has an open design, the solarium has a terraced layout that optimizes privacy.

Rooms that celebrate Mexican craftsmanship and contemporary design.

An adjacent volume contains the nine suites. On the ground floor, there are six rooms with access to gardens while on the upper level, the other three suites have terraces and outdoor baths. Designed with a contemporary aesthetic, the rooms feature furniture and objects made by either artisans or Mexican design studios. The interiors also celebrate nature and the beauty of a Madagascar Blue Bismarck palm tree that grows on the premises.

Beautifully textured in different ways, the materials range from raw concrete and steel to clay and wood. The color palette brings together neutral shades of gray with turquoise, yellow, and green hues. Apart from pieces of furniture crafted by artisans from Oaxaca, Puebla, and Guadalajara, the hotel also features bamboo pieces designed by Tiago Solís Van Beuren and lamps by Natural Urbano studio. Guests can purchase handcrafted furniture and artisan-made objects under a fair trade system.

Envisioned as a sustainable travel destination, the hotel has water treatment systems; solar panels for green energy; and a strict no-plastics policy. Finally, Casa TO’s bathrooms are stocked with vegan, cruelty-free and plant-based products from Mexican company For All Folks. As for activities, guests can enjoy everything from surfing to visiting a local sanctuary to release turtles in the ocean. Photographs © Jaime Navarro.



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