A reflection of the genuine Mallorca

Es Racó d´Arta in Mallorca is more than a rural luxury hotel or a wellness retreat on Spain’s island of endless sun and outstanding natural beauty. It is a long-cherished dream and a legacy project of two friends, one of the most respected architects of Mallorca, Antoni Esteva, and his longtime building partner, Jaume Danús. It is also a family venture involving Esteva’s two children, an architect Tomeu Esteve and a fashion designer Rosa Esteve.

A true architectural and design treasure trove, Es Racó d´Arta is located on an ancient 185-hectare estate dating back to the 13th century near the small town of Artà, on the eastern part of Mallorca. It comprises eight suites in the main delicately restored house, two larger “casas,” and 21 newly built “casitas” scattered around the property filled with vineyards, olive and palm trees, citrus gardens, and organic orchards.

In Es Racó, Antoni Esteva, who transformed dozens of building on the island, including the home and atelier of local artist Miquel Barcelo, an 18th-century farmhouse that now houses the famous Son Gener hotel, and the former home of Joan Miró in Palma, has raised his architectural expertise and style to new heights. Everything was designed respecting the island’s architectural and natural heritage, culture, the slow-paced rhythm of life, evoking what Esteva calls ‘the Mallorca we miss.’ “My inspiration was nature. Nature and silence,” explains Antoni Esteva. And, indeed, a sense of silence and tranquility are reflected throughout the design of both interior and exterior.

The beautiful main house, characterized by old marès stone and heavy timber doors, treasures the spirit and soul of Balearic architecture complemented with luxurious minimalism. All materials that Jaume and Antoni have used to restore it are completely natural and recycled. The interior is a picture of serenity and good taste that perfectly combines rustic and minimalist style. Softly textured stone walls, original wooden beams, relaxing colors, and wooden and textile works made by local makers create an atmosphere that soothes immediately upon entering. Spherical ceramic lamps with dozens of holes on the surface that emit luminous circles on the surrounding walls add to the meditative mood. Art is also a vital part of the overall experience. On the ground floor of the building, which houses the reception and a series of lounges, one can find abstract beehive-shaped vessels by the ceramist Jaume Roig; large-scale wooden sculptures by the artist Hiroshi Kitamura; and three-dimensional work by Nicholas Woods.

The meditation room and the luxury spa take serenity to another level, inviting guests to rest their minds, open their hearts, and nurture their bodies in a unique space. Tomeu Esteva was in charge of designing these rooms. He drew inspiration from Moroccan desert architecture and other Moorish-era buildings found on the island of Mallorca to create a perfect place for guests to reconnect with themselves.

Rosa Esteva conceived the staff uniforms and the soft hemp caftans and ponchos available to guests after various wellness treatments. Delicate fabrics in cream and beige are meant to provide comfort and harmonize with the environment. She also contributed to interior décor, helping her father and brother choose the perfect colors and materials for the rooms.

To help its guests feel in balance with the exceptional nature of Mallorca, Es Raco d’Arta offers a variety of wellness treatments, yoga classes, healthy cooking classes, and art programs throughout the year. Visitors also have a chance to eat delicious and nourishing Mediterranean-inspired vegetarian meals prepared by the Mallorca-born chef Teresa Enseñat Forteza-Rey using exclusively home-grown and locally produced ingredients, all in order to provide guests with the opportunity to connect with the genuine Mallorcan way of life.

Esteva and Danús’ love and respect for their cultural and natural heritage is expressed in every detail and every corner of Es Racó d´Arta. The two families created a harmonious universe of architecture, design, and art that promotes health, calm, and conscious living, with authenticity as the guiding principle behind every offering and experience at this beautiful retreat. A reflection of the genuine Mallorca that must be experienced!

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Asja Nastasijevic is an Art Historian and Art Writer living in Paris, France. She holds a MA degree in Art History from the University of Belgrade and an MA in Art & Cultural Management from the University of Turin. Over the years, she worked as an art gallery assistant, art writer, editor, and content creator for various art-related and design-related magazines, galleries, and online marketplaces. When not writing and researching, she leads art history tours in Paris and the Louvre. Her motto is: "Put all you are into the smallest thing you do." It is a verse from a poem by one of her favorite poets Fernando Pessoa.

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