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Stumbling home after a late day at work, the last thing anyone wants to do is to spend time in the kitchen cooking an unsatisfying dinner. Luckily there are companies out there to help people like us out. With the recent rise of organic food products, home delivery is slowly making its way into the food and lifestyle scene. Luke’s Local, based in California, is centered on the idea of helping busy people eat well. Through this mission, the brand offers their service in a way that connects busy consumers with top chefs, butchers, farmers, ranchers, food-makers and all their local goods. Because busy professionals have little time to think about or purchase every meal, Luke’s Local believes in incorporating quality ingredients, recipes, creativity, and, most importantly, convenience to its consumers. It allows individuals to not only have fresh local groceries delivered directly to them, but even allows them to have healthy fare at office meetings or large group lunches.

Customers are able to order deliveries simply by setting up a new account and placing their orders directly on the company website. The site offers a “Mealbox” option, which is a home-delivered box of produce and meals featuring a selection of goods curated by the team and specifically hand selected by you.

At Luke’s Local, the brand concentrates on making meals in-house. Based on consumer wants and needs, the team can either create chef-made meals that are ready to eat, boxed lunches, or fully prepared meals. The website allows individuals to filter dairy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, vegan, vegetarian, or certified organic based on preference. Collaborating directly with over one hundred local food makers, farmers, and ranchers, these sources provide a rotating selection of produce, dairy, and artisan goods.

Groceries are even simpler with the delivery option in which consumers are offered chef-made meals, local produce, dairy, and meal kits packed with ingredients to keep cooking quick and seamless. Options range anywhere between salads and wraps, meat and seafood, fresh fruits and veggies, dairy and juice, bundle options/variety packs, pantry necessities, and even fresh bakery items to keep your home cozy.

Customers are able to order deliveries simply by setting up a new account and placing their orders directly on the company website. The site offers a “Mealbox” option, which is a home-delivered box of produce and meals featuring a selection of goods curated by the team and specifically hand selected by you.

Being a brand centered on healthy living, you can bet that Luke’s Local is very much about being an eco-friendly initiator with customers. Luke’s re-uses almost all of its packaging, including boxes, cold packs, and insulated bags. Customers are able to leave packing outside their doorsteps for a Luke’s delivery driver to pick up when they deliver the next Mealbox.

Deliveries are currently available in San Francisco, South Bay, and parts of the East Bay (Oakland, Alameda, Berkeley, Emeryville, Albany), though they are always looking to expand. To make the concept even more convenient, being home in order to accept deliver is not necessary. The team is able to deliver boxes right to your porch or doorman, and all meals and perishable goods are presented in insulated sleeves, which include icepacks, so coolers are not necessary.

Various companies expressing the same mission as Luke’s Local are creating not only convenience for the consumer by delivering local groceries and lunches in a convenient fashion, but are initiating a positive change in lifestyle by promoting healthy eating and environmentally-friendly living. From pre-packaged lunches, to meticulously organized meal plans for your week, there’s something about Luke’s that makes healthy living easier for everyone.

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