A modern Judaica brand for Jewish and non-Jewish design lovers.

Some brands come to life as a result of the founders’ simple realization: a product or service they need doesn’t exist yet. Via Maris is a perfect example. This modern Judaica brand was established by Dana Hollar Schwartz after she discovered that she couldn’t find an elegant mezuzah designed in the Modernist style. After bringing designer Jamie Wolfond on board, Schwartz launched a collection of Judaica objects that are as beautiful as they are practical. The NYC-based company aims to help Jewish people re-engage with their traditions and faith through refined and contemporary objects. At the same time, it also the goal of sharing the culture with non-Jewish people. The name also reflects the blend of tradition and modernity, as Via Maris is a modern term for the ancient route that linked Egypt to the empires of Syria and Mesopotamia, and Anatolia.

Tradition meets contemporary design.

At the foundation of Via Maris stand four pillars: sharing, sustainability, ethical manufacturing, and supporting craftspeople. The brand’s collection comprises a wide range of modern Judaica objects, all of them blending clean, minimalist aesthetics with function. The products also allow use outside of Jewish traditions, all year round. As a result, the Via Maris collection can easily become a part of the everyday.

The range includes a mezuzah case, candle holders for Shabbat, Chanukiahs for Chanukah, and more. While they’re elegant and versatile, the objects also solve some of the challenges presented by traditional designs. For example, the Block Chanukiah features a removable top that allows the user to easily clean the melted wax. This product also boasts a storage space that can hold up to 44 candles or other small items. Even the more classic designs offer a clever twist on tradition. Like the Trace Chanukiah that comes with conveniently removable cups. The Rest Candleholder features two elevated platforms that catch all the melted wax as the candles burn down, while the mezuzah has a concealed installation system that lets the design shine.

The Via Maris modern Judaica collection also includes other objects like low-drip candles, the Seder Plate, and the Kiddush Cup. The products are made from steel, die-cast aluminum, stoneware, or borosilicate glass, and come in various finishes and colors. Photography© Via Maris.