The OJOOK oral care collection combines Eastern wellness principles with science and natural ingredients.

Founded by Youn Chang, formerly of Glossier and Apple, OJOOK is an oral care brand that aims to transform the daily routine of cleaning one’s teeth into a powerful ritual. The OJOOK collection combines Eastern wellness concepts with science and masterfully completed formulas to offer a better oral hygiene system. Sustainability, slow living principles, and a holistic approach also define the OJOOK care line. Created in a collaboration with renowned dental experts, the OJOOK toothpaste features an innovative formula that cleans but also nourishes.

The main ingredients set it apart from other toothpastes: nano-hydroxyapatite (nHA) and medicinal bamboo salt, or Jukyeom. While the nHA re-mineralizes the enamel, reduces sensitivity, and brightens the teeth, the Jukyeom has nourishing minerals, restores the oral microbiome, and neutralizes harmful acids. Other ingredients include Xylitol that prevents cavities and pine tree oil that provides a soothing effect. Finally, the peppermint flavor gives a refreshing mouth feel.

The OJOOK care collection also includes the Intention Toothbrush. Made from bamboo, it features soft bristles that don’t damage the gums but clean tartar and plaque. As a representation of the brand’s mission to infuse oral care with intention, the toothbrush features an empty space. There, the user can add a word as a daily reminder. Natural and eco-friendly, the toothbrush is easy to compost or recycle.

A toothbrush holder and a vanity tray are also available in the OJOOK care line. Naturally, they’re not like ordinary bathroom accessories. They’re crafted from diatomaceous earth, a sedimentary rock made of fossilized algae. Apart from their fast-drying, mold-resistant, and anti-bacterial surface, the holder and tray are also 100% plastic-free and compostable. OJOOK offers a subscription service for the $18 toothpaste and $8 toothbrush. You can also buy them as a regular product along with different bundle packages. Photographs© OJOOK.

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