Sacha Golberger’s Mamika @ Galerie Sakura

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Gallery Sakura spends a retrospective exhibition at the artist photographer Sacha Goldberger. The exhibition, entitled «Super Mamika» will be held in the passages of Bercy Village (France – Paris 12th) and will present 41 prints.

We live in a society where youth is valued above all things, where we hide our wrinkles and hide away the elderly the minute they become a hassle, where it’s easier to put them in old people’s homes rather than care for them ourselves, for lack time and motivation. «I wanted to show that old age could also be joyful, even if, is certain images, we’re unsure if what we see if humor or senility. Sometimes the line between them is very fine».
Frederika Goldberger  “Mamika” is now aged 93 years. Very active woman, however in 2006 she crosses a moment of depression. To return his smile, his little son Sacha Goldberger decided to conduct a series of portraits of her. Mamika’s character was born. The family has grown even larger to include her husband Super Papika, her lover Super Papouka, and Dark Papouka.



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