architecture in russia

Let us introduce you to the ingenuity and creative spirit of contemporary architecture in Russia. These projects showcase impressive designs and explorations of color, materiality, and cultural influences. For example, here you can read more about a high-end restaurant that serves Italian dishes. To create the welcoming and sophisticated dining areas, the architects took inspiration from traditional Italian dining halls and churches. The result? A monumental space with a dramatic entrance sequence reminiscent of chapels, but also a restaurant filled with warmth and minimalist elegance.

Another public space also displays the creativity of architecture in Russia, albeit in a more playful way. Inspired by magical forests, a play area features a fairy tale-like space with a “woodland” and different seasons. Here, children can freely explore and discover enchanting objects and games that encourage them to develop their creativity and inquisitive spirit. In the workshop area, both children and adults learn to create new things from paper, fabric, clay, or wood. Age-old artisan skills and contemporary architecture come together in a mesmerizing space that stimulates everyone’s imagination.

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    A minimalist restaurant inspired by churches and Italian dining halls. Opened in Saint Petersburg, Russia,…