Behind the Design

What makes famous product designers tick? What inspires them, motivates them, or interests them? Where do iconic designs come from and why do they have such a lasting impact over the years? Where did it all begin? And what IS behind the design? To answer these questions – and more – one needs to turn to the creators themselves. Respected and celebrated, some renowned well beyond their country of birth, these designers can provide valuable insight into their creative mind and design process.

Whether acclaimed for decades or recently thrust into the limelight, famous product designers have one thing in common: the undeniable ability to translate fresh concepts into aesthetically pleasing objects. Some of these products have a timeless quality. Furniture that looks at home in virtually any setting. Kitchen accessories that complement modern interiors with their understated design. Minimalist watches that defy the passage of time. Other products aim to provoke a strong reaction with their avant-garde design that is as bold as it is creative. Pop art-style lamps, futuristic tables, sculptural lighting, or chairs that blend contrasting materials. From minimal to eye-catching, all of these products make a lasting impression.

Beyond distinctive concepts and signature aesthetics, renowned creatives also explore the potential of form, material, and texture. From finding the purest silhouettes and volumes to creating the most intricate compositions. Answering simple questions about their creative process, famous product designers not only provide a glimpse into how they see the concept of design, but also how they experience the world. Safe to say, reading these interviews is a fascinating journey into the minds of some of the most talented people in the world today.

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