This curated selection of distilleries is a treasure trove not only for fans of whiskey or gin, but for architecture and design lovers as well. History buffs can also find fascinating facts among these articles. Representing different countries and traditions, some of these distilleries are located in places like Scotland, Czech Republic, Croatia, or Finland. Whether they produce whiskey, gin, or botanical distillates, these independent companies all celebrate their local heritage, traditional methods, and the flavors of nature. Made with locally sourced ingredients, their products pay homage to age-old traditions.

Located in old or new buildings, these distilleries occupy spaces as varied as dairy farms built in 1908, 19th century farmsteads, or new structures that celebrate an abbey founded in 1191. All of these architectural projects feature vernacular design cues, from gabled roofs to wood or stone walls. Contemporary touches complement these classic details. Examples range from white brick buildings with dark roofs to volumes that boast glazed facades. More often than not, the buildings house old, traditional equipment, even if used alongside cutting-edge technology.

As for the products these distilleries make, they’re defined by their local setting. For example, one Croatian distillery uses the coastal landscape as a source of inspiration. This company produces distillates and gin that reference local protected landscapes with recipes that include foraged wild plants and locally grown fruit. Another distillery pays homage to the heritage of the site, the spiritual home of Scotch whiskey in Fife, Scotland. This company uses only local ingredients, including water from a local spring. Another distillery, designed by an award-winning firm, features both restored farm buildings and new structures. The latter include the distillery, accommodation, a barn, a fruit store, and a shop, transforming the property into a community hub in the local village.

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