Creative design can easily wash away the memory of bland products that used to sit on a shelf without making an impression. And the wave of ingenuity has reached every area of product design. Even the soap industry. The ubiquitous, grooming items one uses day after day, transformed into decorative objects. Beautiful soap designs that take a pride of place in a bathroom and look at home among other designer furniture and high-end decor.

When it comes to creating a beautiful soap bar, designers draw inspiration from a wide range of sources: nature, urban environments, geometry, and art. While the attention may seem focused solely on aesthetics, these soaps are also designed with function in mind. For example, the tetrapod-shaped soap line is reminiscent of brutalist concrete structures that keep the water at bay in coastal cities. Yet their distinctive shape also ensures that each bar of soap provides a perfect grip and stands on its own on smooth surfaces.

Other soaps emphasize function through minimalist design. The popular ring soaps fall in this category, doubling as cool decorative items while also revolutionizing the classic rectangular shape. Playful popsicle designs and sophisticated geometric soaps made with a modular design also impress with their creativity. Design and art lovers have plenty of options to choose from thanks to collections that celebrate iconic creators. Regardless of their appearance, this range of beautiful soap products are also made to the highest standards of quality. It’s a reflection of an increasingly growing demand for quality, craftsmanship, sustainability, and natural products. A perfect balance between premium ingredients, gorgeous scents, and good design.

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