warehouse conversions

Located in urban areas, industrial warehouses are slowly disappearing as cities prioritize the expansion of residential areas. Even in cities like Madrid, a place where industrial structures have been deeply embedded in the heart of the urban environment, these buildings are starting to vanish. Some architecture and interior design studios, however, aim to save these industrial parts of urban areas. And they often do this through warehouse conversions. On this page, we have included some of the most intriguing and inspiring projects we have found; all of them showcase the transformation of old warehouses into living spaces.

Like the best projects that reimagine old spaces, these warehouse conversions preserve their industrial heritage. Some more than others. For example, one industrial warehouse was converted into a home that features exposed steel beams and metal pipes, raw brick walls, and other original elements. However, the distinctly modern living spaces offer all the comfort of a newly built home or apartment. Other designs give a nod to the building’s past in more subtle ways. Ultimately, all of these projects keep industrial style and contemporary design in balance.

Architecture firms adapt these warehouse conversions to their clients’ needs. One project combines live and work spaces, with the owners’ business premises and social areas where they also hold staff meetings located on the ground level. Upstairs, they have access to private living spaces. Another project involved the transformation of an industrial warehouse into a home that also doubles as a gallery space for the client’s extensive art collection. All of these interiors feature materials like concrete or brick along with solid wood or steel. Clerestory windows and skylights flood the living spaces with light. Finally, these warehouse conversions also feature large, open-plan areas with clever storage solutions.

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