Tri Lanka – A Stylish Homage To Nature

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Located on the southern tip of Sri Lanka, Tri is a luxury design hotel that offers the ideal getaway from the city and a perfect way to reconnect with nature. Built on the shores of Lake Koggala, the Tri Lanka is surrounded by lush vegetation and calm, clear waters. Nature is kept in high regard here, and this is evident in every aspect of the resort’s design. The layout of the area mirrors the Golden Ratio, blending mathematics with awe-inspiring natural beauty. Arranged in an elegant spiral, the ten unique suites are all made from locally sourced and recycled materials. Green roofs, water heated by solar panels, living walls – all these elements help to integrate the entire complex into the surrounding environment seamlessly. At the center, a tower offers impressive 360 degree-views across the greenery and expanse of water. Luxury and minimalism create a relaxing and comfortable space where guests can meditate, enjoy Yoga sessions in a treetop area, holistic treatments in a serene ambience, and delicious meals in the resort’s fine-dining restaurant. The rooms have an open-plan, contemporary design that uses natural materials alongside bright white surfaces, while maintaining an overall minimalist look with an emphasis on clean lines and right angles. Rich brown wood and cool natural stone are complemented by traditional Sri Lankan fabrics and patterns that also add a pop of color to the decor. There is a main cantilevered pool accessible to all guests, with three units also providing private pools. Fittingly, you can reach this eco-friendly paradise by taking a short ride from the coast using the hotel’s solar-powered boat. Once you step on land, your relaxing escape to nature can truly begin.

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