Elegant and practical furniture for design lovers’ cats.

Founded in 2016 by cat lover Jackson Cunningham, Vancouver-based Tuft + Paw provides an elegant solution to keep felines happy with a varied collection of furniture and accessories that look fantastic in any living space. Developed after rigorous behavioral research, the brand’s products also fuse contemporary design and high-quality materials. Tuft + Paw originally sold items sourced from countries where top quality pet furniture is more prevalent than in the US or Canada, but the company soon started producing its own designs. The first, the Cove litter box, became a huge success thanks to its clean and practical design. Made with an integrated dust pan, scoop, and brush, the litter box also features a removable partition.

The Tuft + Paw collection now includes a huge range of products that cover all the needs of a cat. In the sleep range, customers can find gorgeous pet beds that combine Scandinavian design principles and comfort. Those looking for a climbing or a scratching post can browse through some elegant and modern pieces that enhance a décor rather than detract from it. Indeed, some of the products rival regular designer furniture with their creative designs. For example, a modular tower that allows the user to adjust either the height or the width of the structure.

Beyond their good looks and convenience, however, all Tuft + Paw products put the comfort and happiness of cats first. This means that each design takes into consideration the cats’ needs, whether it’s a cave-like bed that offers a quiet place to get away from the noise to a wall-mounted platform that gives felines a panoramic view of their home. The company also uses quality materials, from hand-formed New Zealand felt to sisal or plywood with ash or walnut veneers. Finally, Tuft + Paw offers a 50% discount when customers buy products to donate to a cat shelter. Photographs© Tuft + Paw.

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