Introducing The Tulo Mattress

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A mattress designed with the users’ needs in mind.

Believing that “one is not a choice,” tulo decided to take the ‘bed-in-a-box’ concept to another level of functionality and convenience. Introducing tulo, a bed-in-a-box-brand created with different sleeping positions in mind. The idea came naturally, as an answer to the limited variety of similar products. “We fundamentally believe that one is not a choice, and that everyone should be able to choose the mattress that provides them with the best night’s sleep based upon their comfort needs,” said Sunni Goodman, SVP of Communications at Mattress Firm and tulo Brand Ambassador. “We understand a mattress is a personal investment and strive to accommodate consumers with choice, including the mattress’ comfort level, how they experience it, and, ultimately, how they purchase and receive it.” After years of research, development, and feedback, the brand created the ideal mattress. Because everyone sleeps in a different way.

We understand a mattress is a personal investment and strive to accommodate consumers with choice, including the mattress’ comfort level, how they experience it, and, ultimately, how they purchase and receive it.

As a result, tulo offers a choice between three comfort levels. Customers can select between Soft, Medium, and Firm. The Soft features a design that suits side sleepers perfectly; it minimizes tossing and turning by relieving pressure on the hips and shoulders. Placed at the middle point, the Medium mattress suits a wider variety of sleeping positions, but it favors those who prefer to sleep on their stomach. Designed with edge-to-edge firmness, the Firm option specifically suits back sleepers, offering optimal body support as well as superior comfort.

Apart from their comfort levels, tulo mattresses also feature an ingenious blend of highly resilient materials and open cell technology in a four-layer design. This helps to improve airflow and thus maintain a cooler body temperature throughout the night, for a perfect night’s sleep.

Each tulo mattress is proudly made in the United States, providing a great balance between quality, craftsmanship, and value. The brand offers a 120-night trial to customers, allowing them to assess if the product is the right fit. The tulo mattress is currently available online and at Mattress Firm stores, with a 48-hour delivery option also available. Sizes include Twin ($375), Twin XL ($425), Full ($550), Queen ($650), King ($800) and California King ($800). Of course, all come in the brand’s three comfort options. And since unboxing takes only a few minutes, you can sleep better than ever before in next to no time.


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