A bench designed with three stacked timber elements.

Finnish brand Vaarnii produces solid wood furniture that blurs the line between brutalist and rustic design. For its first collection, the company used locally sourced, solid wood pine to craft products that are both minimalist and bold. The AA Bench showcases the brand’s approach to furniture design perfectly. Created by Kwangho Lee, the bench features a hefty build that brings together three simple elements. The base is an inverted V shape while the top is a classic rectangular plane. In the middle, a whole pine log links the two parts in a creative composition that reminds of pieces of solid wood stacked in a timber yard. Similarly to other Vaarnii products, the bench comes to life with the help of skilled craftsmanship. In this case, however, the “stacking” of the three parts also requires extreme precision.

The simple, clean lines of the robust elements give the design a distinctive look, while the natural wood finish lets the beauty of the natural material shine through. The AA Bench can be used as seating, but it also doubles as a table when needed. Thanks to the solid wood build, it’s a piece of furniture that defies the passage of time. And like the best heirloom pieces, it will transform with use, gaining more character with each mark and line. The bench showcases the designer’s love of exploring materiality and texture in designs with simple, strong forms. At the same time, it matches the aesthetics of the other products from Vaarnii’s first collection which also includes tables, chairs, and wood accessories. Photography© Jussi Puikkonen.

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