A sculptural chair inspired by the simple elegance of an arch.

While clearly minimalist, some chair designs feature sculptural forms and/or dynamic lines that transform the piece of furniture into a decorative object in a room. The Arch Chair is a perfect example. Designed by South Korean design studio Finder, the chair draws inspiration from one of the most basic elements of architecture: the arch. The design combines clean lines with elegantly curved forms, resulting in an eye-catching and refined chair. Both the front legs and the back legs connect to the backrest via arched elements. While the former with a horizontal one, the latter with a vertical arch reminiscent of a doorway. The seat adds the third arch shape to the design.

Modern and stylish, the chair boasts precise geometric forms that create a play between positive and negative space. The studio complemented the minimalist aesthetics with a quality build. Made from solid wood, the Arch Chair is as durable as it is versatile. It also features a black finish that effectively makes it suitable to use alongside any existing color palettes. The intense hue also highlights the clean shapes and lines of the design, making it stand out in any interior. The chair suits dining rooms and lounge areas; thanks to its minimalist design, it works well with a wide range of dining tables and coffee tables. Photographs© Finder.

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