An automatic espresso machine designed with eco-conscious coffee lovers in mind.

Funded by a group of coffee lovers who also love sustainability, Terra Kaffe aims to make the daily coffee brewing ritual greener. The brand also offers an easy way to brew barista-quality coffee in your own kitchen. The TK-01 automatic espresso machine provides the perfect solution to make fresh specialty coffee at home and reduce plastic waste at the same time. Featuring an elegant, simple design with clean lines and rounded edges, the machine looks great in any kitchen and décor. Naturally, it suits design enthusiasts who value aesthetics as much as they love quality coffee.

TK-01 has an intuitive design that makes brewing a cup of java from whole beans as easy as possible. The built-in stainless steel coffee grinder grinds the beans just before brewing, for ultimate freshness. The bean hopper of this automatic espresso machine can hold a sealed bag of up to 12 oz., which means that the beans remain fresh for up to 30 days. The bypass chute allows the use of pre-ground coffee as well, with several options to choose from for the perfect brew. Thanks to this system, the user can eliminate pods and thus plastic waste completely from the coffee making ritual.

TK-01 is also great for lattes and cappuccinos. It comes with a milk canister and offers complete control over the froth level with a push of a button. Users can also adjust the brewing pressure and temperature, coffee extraction volume, and hot water volume. The machine has a water tank capacity of 57 fl. oz. and a cup clearance of 5.5 inches. The Terra Kaffe automatic espresso machine comes in White and Black options; both of them cost $775 and come with free shipping. Photographs© Terra Kaffe.

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