An eco-friendly flat water bottle designed to fit into bags with ease and add style to your EDC arsenal.

Single-use plastic creates a huge environmental problem. Even with recycling, the vast majority of these disposable items end up polluting the world’s oceans, which means that we should focus our attention more on reusable products and changing our habits to reduce plastic pollution. Which is exactly what Australian brand memobottle™ aims to do with an innovative flat water bottle design. The memobottle encourages a more sustainable lifestyle by providing the perfect solution to replace single-use plastic bottles.

Memobottle, The Best Eco-Friendly Flat Water Bottle - Gessato

Company co-founders Jesse Leeworthy and Jonathan Byrt created the design after realizing that much of the environmental disaster of plastic pollution has been driven by a need for convenience in a fast-paced world. memobottle offers a practical drinkware alternative, helping users lower their carbon footprint while keeping their hydration levels optimal throughout the day. Additionally, the brand is a B Corp company and collaborates with to fund safe water projects for people in need.

Specially designed to take up minimal space in a bag or backpack.

The memobottle has an innovative design that takes inspiration from a sheet of paper. Slender and elegant, the flat water bottle saves space, whether in a bag, pocket, or a huge backpack. It also sits flat against laptops or books, providing a more convenient EDC solution compared to a cylindrical plastic water bottle. Perfect for daily commutes, traveling, or outdoor sports, the memobottle comes in different sizes that suit different needs.

Every flat water bottle has a paper-inspired design, but these bottles come in various sizes. The collection includes bottles that can hold from 180ml / 6 fl oz to 1080ml / 36 fl oz. While the former can easily replace a flask, the latter offers a convenient solution to stay hydrated on-the-go and it’s also perfect as a ‌sports water bottle. Regardless of size, every portable and travel water bottle from the brand‘s collection is lightweight and easy to carry.

Memobottle, The Best Eco-Friendly Flat Water Bottle - Gessato

Crafted to last and be by your side for many years to come.

To make the flat water bottle collection, memobottle chose two durable, high quality materials, each with their own distinct features. The original series is made from Tritan plastic, a BPS- and BPA-free material that has the clarity of glass but is extremely tough and shatterproof. These water bottles come with premium stainless steel lids.

Made from stainless steel, the more recent additions to the collection offer even more durability. Each stainless steel flat water bottle features a powder-coated finish with a satin-like texture. Larger than standard, the custom, wide mouth opening enables a fast flow and easy filling. Additionally, an internal screw thread provides a smoother drinking experience and a food grade silicone seal makes these water bottles leak proof. Customers can choose between matte white and matte black finishes. Both the Tritan and the steel versions can handle hot or cold temperatures, and even a freezer.

Memobottle, The Best Eco-Friendly Flat Water Bottle - Gessato

Accessories that provide a fun way to customize your memobottle.

Apart from the slim flat water bottle collection, the brand also offers a series of accessories that allow users to customize their memobottle and even enhance the design’s functionality. A silicone sleeve not only adds a pop of color to the water bottle, but also insulates the contents so they stay hot or cold for longer. Extra lids add an elegant accent to the design, with options ranging from metallic copper to pastels in matte finishes. Finally, desk stands provide support to the bottle and keep it proudly on display, whether at home or at the office. You can discover the entire collection in the Gessato Design Store.

What is the flat water bottle that fits in your bag?

The memobottle A6 square water bottle is the perfect choice for smaller bags as it has a capacity of 12 fl oz, or 375 ml. Easy to carry anywhere, it takes up minimal room to let you carry other essentials in a bag, handbag, or backpack. This drink bottle can even fit larger jacket pockets. You can choose between the BPA and BPS free Tritan plastic version or the stainless steel versions.

Do memobottles keep water cold?

memobottles are not insulated, so they will not keep water cold or beverages hot for long. However, you can add a silicone sleeve to enhance the product’s thermal insulation and to also protect the flat water bottle from scratches and daily wear.

What are the benefits of a flat water bottle?

The main benefit of a flat water bottle is its space-saving design. Unlike cylindrical bottles, memobottles sit flat against items like laptops and books, using every inch of space in a bag or backpack more efficiently. Flat water bottles are also easy to carry as they are not only more compact, but also lightweight. These products are also reusable, providing a sustainable alternative to single-use bottles.

What is the material of a memobottle?

The original memobottle was made from Tritan plastic, an ultra-clear, glass-like material that is shatterproof and durable, and a stainless steel lid. Later, the brand also started to produce the innovative flat water bottle design in white or black stainless steel with a powder-coated finish and a leak-proof seal.

Where can I buy a reusable flat water bottle online, one that fits in a laptop bag?

You can buy the memobottle travel water bottle at a regular price or discounted prices from the brand’s online store or from authorized dealers, including the Gessato Design Store, and other shops in the US, Europe, or Australia. As for which of the brand’s water bottles fit into a laptop bag, the answer is all of them. However, that also depends on the size of the bag and how much space you need for other items.

Memobottle, The Best Eco-Friendly Flat Water Bottle - Gessato

Memobottle, The Best Eco-Friendly Flat Water Bottle - Gessato

Memobottle, The Best Eco-Friendly Flat Water Bottle - Gessato


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