A creatively designed coat hanger inspired by industrial wire forming and antler racks.

Offering a creative twist on a ubiquitous item, the new addition to Craighill’s home goods collection is as eye-catching as it is practical. The design was originally launched in 2014 by General Manufacturing Concern. Modified for its re-release, the Bozeman Coat Rack has a bold appearance inspired by both antler racks and industrial metalwork. The coat hanger maximizes storage space in a compact shape that fits even the smallest of spaces. The winding metal wire snakes its way on a mounting bar, providing plenty of room for coats, bags, hats, and other accessories.

While the design is visually pleasing, the shape of the snaking form also puts a focus on function, leaving enough space in between the hooks to store multiple items. The ¼” steel wire features ½” radial bends and fits into the grooves of the mounting bar perfectly. As the wire locks into the two grooves, the coat rack remains in place without sliding or rotating. Ideal for entrance hallways, the Bozeman Coat Rack also suits kitchens and bathrooms. For larger rooms, the user can easily install multiple units on one wall. Plus, Craighill offers steel and brass combinations to choose from, to complement any décor. Photographs© Craighill.

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