A series of sculptural flower covers that draw inspiration from the shapes of irregular bubbles.

Playful and creative, the Bubble collection provides a new way to interact with flower vases and bring a whimsy accent to interiors. Designed by Yuhsien Lin, founder of Yuhsien Design Studio, the series draws inspiration from the irregular shapes of bubbles. The line of “flower hoods” re-imagines the bubbles as glass sculptures and plays with the idea of the fragile forms recast as solid objects that disappear when touched. Like bubbles frozen in time, the covers encourage the user to establish a new ritual of interacting with flowers placed in a vase. The hoods cover vases, capturing enough moisture and air inside while protecting the flowers or plants and prolonging their life.

Curved and irregular, the glass domes create an eye-catching decorative accent that also becomes a conversation starter. The Bubble collection features three designs. All of the glass covers are mouth-blown and hand-cut by master glass craftsmen in Taiwan. The designer worked closely with the artisans to help achieve the desired “swaying” effect that highlights the collection’s playful concept. As a result, each handmade bubble is one-of-a-kind. Produced by YH Edition, the line made its debut at the Paris Design Week 2019. Photographs© Yuhsien Design Studio.

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