An elegant glassware and crystal lighting collection inspired by art and traditional glassblowing techniques.

Created in a collaboration between designer and visual artist Pierre Charpin and Saint-Louis, France’s oldest crystal glassware manufacturer with a history that dates to the 1500s, the Cadence Collection is a contemporary range of glass products. The 29 designs range from wine, water, and champagne glasses to decanters, bowls, vessels, lighting, and decorative items. The collection combines horizontal and vertical lines in a rhythmic visual language inspired not only by Charpin’s work but also by the traditional glass-cutting techniques which are passed down from one generation to the next.

Both dynamic and elegant, the pattern gives a beautiful texture to the clear glass. At the same time, it showcases the skill of experienced artisans; using a blend of traditional techniques to create the shapes and then the lines on each crystal object, they finish each item to perfection. The products feature vertical lines on the bases and horizontal cuts on the upper sections. Apart from the glassware and barware products, Cadence also comprises lighting. For these designs, the company paired clear glass with sandblasted crystal or translucent paper shades. The latter filter and soften the light. Naturally, the shades also feature the collection’s signature line pattern. Photographs© Saint-Louis.

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