Carl D’Alvia: Sometimes Sculpture Needs a Break

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Large-scale sculptures that reimagine traditional monoliths in a playful way.

Opened on June 3, Carl D’Alvia’s Sometimes Sculpture Needs a Break is the sculptor’s first art show at the New York art gallery Hesse Flatow. The solo exhibition features the artist’s newest works: large-scale aluminum sculptures from his “Liths” series, which began in 2017. While the original “Lith” is on display permanently at Art OMI in upstate New York, art lovers can admire the artist’s latest sculptures, now in even more playful compositions. In Carl D’Alvia’s style that explores dichotomies with an anthropomorphic twist, the monumental artworks appear both soft and solid; masculine and feminine.

Inspired by ancient monoliths as well as the artworks of 1970s artists, Carl D’Alvia reimagines the imposing monolithic statues of the past as modern, playful objects. The contemporary sculptures have a humorous character which their individual names only reinforce. For example, the dynamic “Frizz” seems ready to spring forward from its curl. Nearby, “Sap” looks in need of a cup of coffee to regain its energy. Other sculptures “stretch” on the floor, “lean” against the wall, or interact with each other in languid poses. Finally, the pieces showcase the artist’s first use of vibrant color. While the first “Lith” boasted a black finish, these aluminum sculptures feature bright colors achieved with automotive paint. The Sometimes Sculpture Needs a Break show lasts until July 10, 2021. Photographs© Hesse Flatow.

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