From crystal clarity and building narratives to blurring the line between architectural photography and personal discovery.

In the realm of architectural photography, Simone Bossi is an expert of his craft. A maestro with the camera, Bossi effortlessly bridges the aesthetics of structures with the narratives that breathe life into them. However, behind every evocative frame lies a universe of thoughts, experiences, and a relentless pursuit of understanding both the space and oneself.

Beyond the evident allure of his shots, we discover the profound emotional and philosophical layers that shape his work. From his transformative experience in Seville, which saw a shift from digital to film, to his reflections on sustainability and the ever-evolving dynamics of architecture and design, Bossi reveals the intricate dance between his personal experiences and the spaces he captures.

Join us, as we journey with Simone Bossi through his insights and inspirations, understanding the art and soul of architectural photography from one of its most introspective practitioners.


Simone, your architectural photography beautifully balances the aesthetics of the built environment with a profound narrative. Can you share how you developed your passion for photography, and why architecture became your main focus?

I’m deeply interested in space and how we experience it. My background in architecture means my camera quickly became a tool for a personal exploration of the built environment, bridging imagination and reality. While photography draws me in, it’s more as a medium that lets me experience and understand space, and in turn, understand myself. It’s not just a goal, but a means to explore space and self-knowledge. Over time, I’ve realized this exploration is quite metaphorical.

Conversations with Simone Bossi: Beyond the Lens and Into the Soul - Gessato

Your photos encapsulate the character of various spaces and structures, often emphasizing their intrinsic relationship with their surroundings. Can you explain your approach towards each project to attain such harmonious compositions?

I’ve always been less captivated by a single, iconic image of architecture. Instead, I value the tranquility of working in sequences. When I approach a space, I cherish the opportunity to move slowly, immersing myself in the nuances of the environment, focusing on how I feel rather than just what I see. My emotional state greatly influences the outcome; my photography is a journey of intimacy within an architectural context.

Your body of work often reflects principles of sustainable architecture. How does the idea of sustainability shape your creative approach?

‘Sustainability’ is a broad and multifaceted concept. In the context of my work, sustainability means creating photographs that endure over time and possess meanings versatile enough to withstand trends or evolve with culture.

Conversations with Simone Bossi: Beyond the Lens and Into the Soul - Gessato

You’ve worked alongside prominent architects and photographed iconic buildings globally. How has this experience shaped your perspective? Could you share some of your most unforgettable experiences, and how they have shaped your outlook on architecture and photography?

A defining moment was when I switched from digital to film while capturing a private house near Seville. The experience of transitioning from London’s ambiance to the south of Spain was freeing. This assignment was an intense personal journey; the photos, although blurry due to my unfamiliarity with film, were brimming with emotion. It made me more aware of how emotions, experiences, and relationships truly shape architecture.

As an architectural photographer, you undoubtedly face unique challenges in trying to capture the essence of a building or space. What major challenges have you encountered, and how did you address them?

Photographing Castelgrande in Switzerland was a unique experience. Despite its proximity to my home, I had never tried capturing its essence due to its vastness. Approaching this project felt like meeting an old acquaintance. The result was a narrative that others took and expanded upon, adding to the story in unexpected ways.

Conversations with Simone Bossi: Beyond the Lens and Into the Soul - Gessato

Your photography stands out not just for its aesthetic appeal, but also for the narrative it communicates. What is your approach to weaving storytelling into your architectural photography, and what do you hope your audience takes away from your work?

Every project I photograph becomes an intrinsic part of me. I find it crucial to connect emotionally with a space, allowing personal feelings to shape the outcome. My work aims to provide viewers a glimpse, leaving enough ambiguity for them to interpret based on their perceptions and needs.

Architecture and design, much like the tools and methods in photography, are ever-evolving fields. How do you keep up with these changes, and in what ways do they influence both your creative approach and the end result of your work?

The ever-evolving nature of design and photography is challenging. While trends and innovations matter, they don’t always equate to artistic progress. At times, it might be more impactful to delve deeper into established ideas that stand the test of time rather than constantly seeking novelty.

Conversations with Simone Bossi: Beyond the Lens and Into the Soul - Gessato

In your view, what is the role of architectural photography in advocating for sustainable design practices and raising environmental awareness within the industry?

A single photograph has the power to stir our subconscious and inspire new thoughts, desires, and actions. Keeping this in mind, I believe showcasing sustainable spaces can create ripples of positive change, even reaching global proportions.

The Instagram algorithm often seems to reward quantity over quality and immediate satisfaction over deeper understanding. How do you navigate this while using Instagram as a platform for sharing your architectural photography, and how do you ensure you maintain a meaningful dialogue with your followers?

The current trend of prioritizing high-volume content for rapid consumption can be a call for photographers to be more deliberate and reflective in their work. Given that architecture is inherently a deliberate process, photography should echo this mindful approach.

Lastly, what advice would you give to budding architectural photographers hoping to make a difference in the realms of architecture and interior design, much like you have?

Every individual brings a unique perspective shaped by their background, culture, experiences, and personal journeys. Embracing this uniqueness can be a potent tool for aspiring architectural photographers.

Conversations with Simone Bossi: Beyond the Lens and Into the Soul - Gessato

Conversations with Simone Bossi: Beyond the Lens and Into the Soul - Gessato

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