An imaginative design that offers a fun twist on the classic three-legged tubular chairs.

Founded in 2015 by designer Weng Xinyu and artist Tao Haiyue, Berlin-based design studio YUUE has been run only by Xinyu since 2018. The design firm reimagines everyday objects with a focus on creating interactive connections between users and products. Their projects often have an emotional or poetic twist. Examples include a bird-shaped teapot with a second baby bird on top; the latter whistles as the user pours the liquid in a cup. Or a sculptural bottle opener that references traditional Chinese architecture. Chair No.19 is a prototype that reimagines the traditional tubular chair design. Created as an experiment, the chair reconstructs the classic three-legged chair typology. A curved aluminum tube twists and turns to form both the rear legs and the backrest.

This continuous loop gives a dynamic look to the chair. At the same time, the tubular element links the seat with the front leg in two different places. The angled front leg anchors the design and also provides a counterpoint to the winding tube at the back. Apart from creating a dialogue between curved and straight shapes, the chair also establishes an interplay between negative and positive forms. The studio finished Chair No.19 with a creative dipped seat. Specially designed to look different from every angle, the aluminum chair transforms a piece of ordinary furniture into a sculptural object. Photography and styling: Joshua Jara.

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